Why is home automation important for the home?

Home Automation
16 Feb

Automation’’ is the buzzword these days. Wherever we go, one way or another, this word comes into the discussion. Even our boss asks us in appraisal discussions, ‘’What automation did you do in the last year?’’ even if it doesn’t matter to us. Well, we are not new to automation; a remote is one of the first automated devices that we have seen initially used for TVs and then later on for air conditioners as well.

We don’t need that anymore. Simply make some gestures with your hands or words, and magic happens. This is now feasible because of the Internet of Things (IOT), which was made possible by developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Automation is the driving force behind everything in the modern world, from your toilet seat, which allows you to simply sit and let technology take care of the rest, to industrial plants.

Our beautiful home is also a part of automation and we are going to discuss it in this blog.

Why is Home automation? 

Home automation is a very big market now, and there are tons of new devices, gadgets, and technologies available to automate your home. But what is home automation and why do people need it? If we explain it in layman’s terms, it is a new way of operating your home’s devices, apparel, and appliances by connecting them to a smart system that is controlled by a centralised authority, an app, or a device. It could be turning your fan on or off, locking the door, controlling your home’s temperature remotely, or asking Alexa to play your favourite music. You just need Wi-Fi and an internet connection.

Why do we need home automation in our homes? 

Now that we know ‘’what’’, let us focus on the ‘’why’’ part. One pretty basic reason is that we need to be on par with the latest innovations and technologies. But these innovations bring great comfort and utility. Here are some of the benefits of home automation.

  1. Comfort

In the initial days or decade ago, home automation was a luxury but now it is more of a comfort and convenience. Just sitting on your couch, you can control the lights, thermostat, fans, and all the appliances from your smart phone. Not only while staying at home, but you can control your home from anywhere in the world as per your convenience.

  • Someone at your door? Just unlock the door from your phone and allow the person to come in or just communicate through the smart door cam with speaker.
  • You fall asleep while reading in bed and the lights are on. Well, you can fix a timer for the lights; there is no need to wake up.
  • If you are not sure whether you locked the door while leaving for work, there is no need to worry! Just with one button press, your home is safe.

2.   Save electricity and the environment.

The purpose of any innovation is to save the environment. Similarly, one of the benefits of home automation is that it saves energy, indirectly reduces the carbon footprint and saves the environment. Most home automation technologies are highly energy efficient; you can always check their energy start rating with their counterparts. You can automate the lights, thermostats, and home appliances with the help of sensors. Sensors are of great use for energy savings. Here are some ways to save electricity.

  • You can use light sensors on stairs. If you are stepping up or down, the lights will be on, and they will be off automatically. Similarly, you can use the same for your rooms, bathrooms, and other places. Even if you forget to turn off the lights, they will go off and save energy.
  • Automating the thermostat can save a lot of energy, as maintaining the home temperature requires a lot of electricity. You do not need to keep your cooling or heating system always on; just automate your thermostat and it will take care of your HVAC system.

3.  Security

The major advantage of home automation is security. Everyone used to be concerned about home security but advancements in security instruments and automation have eradicated security issues. The market share for home security devices in India alone is estimated to be USD 2.56 billion. These numbers express everything. Home automation benefits us in so many ways. Let’s see a few benefits.

  • When we think of security for your home, the first thing that comes to mind is security cameras. You can connect it with your centralised automation system and monitor and record everything in real time from anywhere in the world. You can install motion sensor cameras, which give you alerts when any motion is detected and you can immediately check on that.
  • Smart doors and smart locks are other utilities of home automation. You do not need to worry about keeping the keys with you or hiding somewhere while going out. With just a tap on your phone, you can open or close it. Smart doors are configured in such a way that if someone tries to open them forcibly or tries to tamper with them, you will get an alarm.

  • Home automation helps you keep an eye on your home’s surroundings. You can monitor your kids to see if they are playing outside or in your absence. You can lock and unlock doors remotely when they come home from school.

4. Device integration

Home automation allows you to integrate all your smart devices together. You can connect fans, lights, geysers, doors, TVs, printers, cameras, and other smart appliances through Wi-Fi centrally. With just one app on your phone, you can control all your devices from anywhere.

5. Remote

Here, remote is meant in two ways: one is a device ‘’remote’’ and the other means operating remotely, that is, from anywhere. The majority of smart home appliances have remote controls and are remotely controllable.

  • Imagine waking up. You don’t want to get out of your bed but you need sunlight. If you have a smart home, just use the remote, open the window curtains, and enjoy the sunlight.
  • You are coming back from the office and want to keep the house warm. Turn on the thermostat through your phone. By the time you reach home, you will get a warm welcome from your smart home.
  • You want to water your plants and lawn while you are on vacation. Just tap on your phone and everything will be taken care of.


Home automation is the need of the hour; it has crossed the line from being a luxury to now being pretty much affordable to most of the public. One way or another, we have all automated our homes in certain contexts. It is up to you to identify the needs. You want it for your comfort, for the safety of your family, to save energy to help the environment or to save some bucks. As it supports almost all smart devices and allows you to control things remotely, why not make your home smarter like you?


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