Smart Living

Real Luxury and Comfort Comes from Smart Living.

USAM based in Jaipur offers you an array of services to uplift your living. We design customized solutions that redefine luxury and comfort. Now Imagine a weekend where you are enjoying back-to-back movies with your friends & family or when your lights and doors get automatically turned off when nobody is there. We just don’t give you dreams, we convert these dreams to reality. We also have an experience center where you can realize what actually luxury feels like!

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Our process to make your dream a realty.

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  • Concept

    We conceptulized the solution based your space and budget.


  • Plan

    We create a plan which includes ideas, systems, enquipments and commercials.


  • Design

    Once we have the plan we design a solution that perfectly fits into your space.


  • Build

    Once we have designs our team of expert build customized solution.


  • Launch

    Our team of installation experts ensures seamless integration of solution with your space.


USAM- The name of Smart Living

USAM is the most reputed company in Jaipur which is known to successfully delivered Home Automations, Mini Theaters, Swimming Pools and Landscaping projects around Rajasthan & Others States of India. Our experience center is in center of Jaipur where we can demonstrate our products and mini theater solitons.

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Our Blog and News

18 September 2023

One Way to Resolve All Your Common Bathroom Problems Quickly

A bathroom is an essential part of the structure of any public or private property. This is the place that can make or break the impression of the occupants, and that is why it should be properly maintained and well furnished. But when any kind of issue a...

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15 September 2023

10 Tips For Making The Most Of Smart Home Automation Devices

Smart home automation systems offer you a futuristic feel and a seamless experience and are becoming popular worldwide. As technology upgraded and after the evolution of IOT, it changed the whole perspective of life. Today, we can give prompt instruction...

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27 May 2022

Why should you get your Home Automated?

Home Automation sounds complicated to many people, but the gist of what it is and how it actually works is quite simple. Once you get comfortable with the process you will be introduced to a new dimension of the world. Just imagine how great it would be i...

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29 April 2022

The right way to choose Home Theatre

We all want a time when all our family members are together even if it is happening once a week. Now imagine Saturday night at home is a good option with a great movie, TV show, or the latest song videos that too on the big screen in your own personal spa...

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29 April 2022

Smart Lightings- Reasons Why You’ll Love it!

Forgetting to turn off the lights before leaving for the office? Or do you find yourself wondering if you have turned off the kitchen lights after when you are off to bed? Does it happen that often? Don’t worry it’s not you it’s your lig...

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