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7 Mar

A nice floor gives an elegant look to the house. Enhancing a space’s acoustics, safety, functionality, comfort, and visual appeal all depend heavily on its flooring. It can improve the ambience and general design scheme to create a cosier atmosphere.

The flooring material, colour, texture, and pattern selections can also affect how comfortable and livable a room is. 

Furthermore, flooring has the ability to absorb or reflect sound, which can affect a room’s acoustics. A property’s marketability and value can be increased by installing high-quality flooring.

Hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, engineered woods flooring, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile flooring, and carpet flooring are the most commonly used floors. 

People go for the one that suits their spending capacity, taste, and maintenance. Each of the floors has distinct pricing, purpose, and upkeep. 

This blog is about laminate floors and ways to make them look better.

What exactly is a laminate floor?

Laminate flooring gives a hard wood, ceramic tile, or stone flooring look, but it consists of layers. Typically, it is made up of four layers. 

The wear layer covers the floor to prevent scratches and taints, while the image layer uses a photographic design to simulate the look of stone or wood grain. The bottom layer provides firmness and flexibility and is made up of particleboard. 

The backing layer keeps the flooring from deforming and strengthens it.

It can be used in any place, whether it is residential or commercial. People prefer this as you can get a sophisticated feel, high durability, and ease of maintenance with budget pricing.

Every flooring needs some preservation; it may be high, moderate, or low. Laminate flooring requires less maintenance but there are still some tricks that can enhance the durability of laminate flooring and make it look better. There are certain factors, too, that should be avoided for longevity.

How do I maintain a laminate floor?

Vacuum or dry mop

If the shine has worn off your floor, give it a quick hoover or dusting to prevent dirt and dust particles from building up and scratching the glossy laminate surface. Hoovers with brush rolls and beater brushes should not be used since they can damage and scrape laminate flooring. To get rid of big dirt and dust particles, use a soft brush.

Sweeping and cleaning are required on a daily basis so that the dirt does not settle on the floor. Brush rolls of Hoover vacuums can scratch the surface, so it is better to turn them off. Preferably clean microfiber dry mops are better than bristle brooms as they are soft.

Suitable cleaning products

You should use quality laminate floor cleaners and refrain from using pricey or visually appealing cleaning supplies if you want to keep your glossy laminate floor looking great. 

Wax may make the floor dull and lifeless, so stay away from using it. Use a homemade laminate floor shiner instead, created with white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Using the proper cleaning solution, clean the floor on a regular basis. 

When using any solution for the first time, always be sure to follow the cleaning directions precisely. All you need to do is give the laminate floor a thorough dusting or a quick wet mop.

 Add some mild dish soap or ammonia-free glass cleaner for a basic cleaning solution. Test mopping solutions in a separate location to ensure the floor is not damaged or discoloured.

Sunlight exposure 

Sunlight gives Vitamin D to human beings but not to the laminate. Sunlight can accelerate the fading of certain laminate floors, giving them a dull appearance. 

You can use a mat or rug, cover the floor from the sun, and draw curtains during the hottest parts of the day to avoid this. If sunlight enters your flooring consistently each day, some areas may start to degrade. 

When the sun is at its peak, cover the floor with closed blinds or drawn curtains. You may also think about adding net curtains to filter the light. 

Using furniture pads 

Furniture can enhance the beauty of your home and the laminate flooring, but your furniture requires alteration to protect the flooring. 

Usually, the bottoms of heavy furniture can damage laminate flooring. Furniture pads can be of great utility to protect the laminate. Affordable replacements can be found at most e-commerce websites or furniture stores, allowing you to replace worn-out or missing pads without damaging the floor. 

Water is an adversary

Water is an essential part of cleaning activities, but at the same time it is also an adversary, which can cause swelling if it is used more often or in excess. To avoid deterioration, laminate flooring has to be cleaned often. 

While basic cleaning can be done with a dust mop or dry mop, the gaps between the boards can be cleaned with a small amount of water. Towels and spray bottles work well for spot cleaning. Even with dry mopping and spot cleaning, mopping is still necessary. 

Make sure the mop does not splash too much water; rag mops are not the best until they have completely squeezed out. Performance from a spot mop can be considered good if it is residue-free and leaves no traces. Select a damp mop that stays somewhat dry from the water. 

So, overall, laminate flooring is a durable, sophisticated option for residential and commercial spaces due to its four layers: wear, image, core, and backing. 

To maintain, vacuum or dust regularly, use quality cleaning products, and follow proper cleaning instructions. Avoid sun exposure and use furniture pads to prevent fading. Regular cleaning with dust mopping, dry mopping, and spot cleaning is essential to prevent deterioration. Wondering about the laminate flooring solutions in Jaipur? If yes, then connect with USAM, a renowned and best flooring solution in Jaipur, to meet the goals of a luxury home. 


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