27 May 2022

Why should you get your Home Automated?

Home Automation sounds complicated to many people, but the gist of what it is and how it actually works is quite simple. Once you get comfortable with the process you will be introduced to a new dimension of the world. Just imagine how great it would be if your home’s light turned off the moment you walk out of it, and your thermostat automatically makes your room temperature always right.
With home automation, it is all possible, and don’t worry it’s all easy to access and affordable to set up.
In this article, we will explore what actually home automation is, how it works, and why your home needs to be called a smart home.
Key Components of Home Automation
When it comes to home control and automation there are three main levels of its functionality which includes:


A complete home automation system enables you to work efficiently when you can automate various functions in your house. Like when entryway lights are turned on the moment the front door is unlocked, and your thermostat automatically switches off just after you leave the room.


Another key part of an automated smart home is that you get the superpowers of controlling your home remotely. Just by using an app on your smart home you can turn your lights on and off, lock and unlock doors, or arm or disarm your security system from anywhere.


Monitoring is the most basic element of home automation, it allows you to have control but only to some extent. In easy terms, you can log in to your mobile app to check the room temperature, or simply watch the surveillance camera footage.

What can I automate in my House?


Plenty of things that help you in upgrading your ordinary home into a smart one. You first need to start with the switches, then doors and locks. These smart gadgets will allow you to control things remotely there are other smart automation gadgets that we are going to discuss, keep scrolling, and reading!

Smart Entertainment:

For entertainment purposes, home theatre is the best thing to have in your home. Especially in the times of unpredictability where cinemas are not fun but a concern of safety.
Smart speakers and smart T.Vs can work absolutely fine for entertainment purposes. In a world where you can play any song just by uttering some words, connecting your T.V to OTT platforms- and watching the latest movie, all these are things that are a must-have in your home.

Smart Security:

Still, there is a large group of people whose houses are not knitted out with CCTV cameras, and the smart home automation makes it easier to keep eyes on remotely. All thanks to these affordable wireless Wi-Fi cameras.
You can easily watch and control things with your phone. Watching live what is happening, keeps you alert through motion-activated recording.

Smart Locks

No more key-hiding in the flower pot instead use your smartphone, fingerprint, or a security code to get inside. Smart locks can also connect with other devices of your home like lighting, it automatically turns off the moment the door is locked, heating, and turning everything off when you leave and back on when you unlock the door.

What are the benefits of Smart Home?


Before investing your money, you must know the benefits of putting smart home automation devices in your home Which are:


Once Home automation is activated, your daily chores became less tiring, along with your convenience also increases your efficiency. Your Smart gadgets like eGlu hub pro will keep your morning schedule active and productive, just by setting a planner. There are many other chores that you can perform with the help of a smart assistant.


When you are connected to the security system all the time with the help of your smartphone, you can check the footage even when you are not at home. Also, smart sensors can help you to send alerts to your smartphone when there is an unusual motion or when a door opens.

How does a Smart Home Work?


A smart home is based on wireless communication which makes it easy to install smart gadgets, unlike the conventional ones where you need to run wires throughout your house. There are a few different protocols used in the smart home wi-fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, and Zigbee are the most common newer thread protocols. All these are used for communication between smart home devices and the internet, commonly known as the cloud.
Whereas many devices talk directly to each other locally using a hub. Almost all home automation devices need an app for setup and control. These apps allow you to have control and access it even when you are not there. You can also set up your planner and schedule your tasks with the help of apps so that you can create a coordinate with other smart devices installed in your home.