29 April 2022

The right way to choose Home Theatre

We all want a time when all our family members are together even if it is happening once a week. Now imagine Saturday night at home is a good option with a great movie, TV show, or the latest song videos that too on the big screen in your own personal space. Sounds dreamy! Right?

We at USAM are providing you with such home theatres, and mini theatres so that you can enjoy Saturday night with your family & friends. There are many options for luxurious home theatre. Further, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can choose the right home theatre that fits just perfect for you. Scroll down and learn more!

Some Amazing tips to choose the right home theatre

Ideal size of home theatre according to the room Size:

For picking a home theatre first you need to check the size and the dimensions of the room. As the size of the TV and speakers depends on your room size, design and style preference means the interior of the room. Some speakers are bigger and more attractive, whereas others are small and made to be hidden in ceilings and walls that speakers are called concealed speakers.

TV is the device to make a family together to build a home theatre at your home but for home theatre, a big-screen television is a focal point. It is a fun family activity when we watch a great movie or a TV show or playoff game at the home theatre. You will need one TV equipped with good resolution and with essential HDR-like 4K HDR TV is getting a truly immersive viewing experience to build a home theatre. You required a modern smart TV to connect wirelessly with hardware using Wi-Fi.


It receives, processes, amplifies, and transmits sounds to speakers. All receivers have a built-in sound decor system that converts all the sound inputs into surround sound. A good home theatre AV receiver can perform various functions, such as:

  • Accurately interpret all audio data and assign a channel to each speaker.
  • Good receiver means your home’s main audio hub
  • If it is wireless that means it will be able to stream anything from anywhere.
  • Allow your Blu-ray player to shine


If we consider cheap receivers they typically don't have the muscle required to do things well and may have all the features and functions you want, Think scooters vs. motorcycles. Though both have two wheels and an engine, and both will get you across town, only one does it in breath taking, thrill, hold-on-tight style. 


Choose your speakers first When it comes to audio because your speaker choice helps determine your receiver choice. Large speakers need huge power, small speakers need less power, that sort of thing. Dozens of speaker combinations can create true home theatre sound. More speaker use is always better when it comes to sound. The traditional home theatre has 5 speakers. While speakers are pointed at producing a scale of frequency subwoofers provide the ‘bass effect’ through low-frequency sound.
So if I compile all the components in a system then that is called a Home theatre.

Find your type of theatre

Box type

A merger of all the necessary components in a system that is easy to install and use. All products are manufactured by the same company to ensure quality and performance. All required cables and connectors are inserted into a box. Ideal for that customer who is finding a professional and personalized setup. We are providing these types of home theatres with quality, easy installation.


If you really do not have space or less space, a soundbar is a super-easy way to enhance and improve your theatre audio with less effort. This is also an alternative to save cost with an increase in quality. If we can say it in simple language then this is called an all-in-one device. The performance of soundbars with subwoofer is far beyond audio qualities.

 Key features

  • video upscaling
  • support of audio format
  • sound of the surrounding
  • Smartly assisted by remote

Key Benefits

  • Easy to set up and connect with your TV or smartphone
  • Wireless connectivity options.
  • Newer model with smart functionality.
  • Easily accessible from a distance while using with a smartphone or remote


Home theatre has a high and richer audio performance. USAM is giving the latest and quality products to customers with the best quality. Provide with good sound quality and upgraded system with the latest technology.


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