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Sentiment Analysis

We are always concentrated on ensuring that the content of our website is relevant and sets a high standard. The sentiments of the content are often overlooked and it can hurt you badly. Sentiment Analysis helps you determine the nature or mood of the content. You not only require quality in your content but also a positive mood to go with it. After all, the people feel about your business and website delivers the impression that it has on the mind of the reader. We have the resources and the experts to identify the loopholes in your customer service and offer immediate solutions.

Sentiment analysis - opinion mining, text analysis, emotion AI - determines the emotional tone behind words, to understand the attitudes and opinions being expressed. As humans, we do this instinctively - without thinking.

Sentiment analysis is not transferred only on the data obtained from social media platforms; it has much more to offer. It can also be implemented on data sourced from online complaint portals, CSAT programs conducted by organizations and even the feedback received from NPS survey. Available data on social media is public and reviewing it for the competitors can help to set benchmarks. Sentiment analysis can also be done to collect clients’ feedback on any newly released product or service.

Building Customer-Centric Business Decisions

  • Smac Digital gives a unique sentiment analysis service model that guarantees definite clarity of customer’s opinion towards any product or service. We gather data from various sources and create extensive possibilities to evaluate customer opinions and emotions. Customer views, comments, and opinions collected via different sources are analyzed and categorized as negative, positive and neutral to calculate the final sentiment score that leads to significant business decision making.
  • Not just do we support to capture the client’s experience but our insights also allow the organizations to assess their performance compared with the sentiment analysis score of their competitors.
  • Though this service is creating ways to develop successful approaches to make customers happy, there are businesses that are still not exploring such an effective process.
  • Sentiment analysis is making its mark in delivering delightful customer experience and that’s possible only when you understand your customer better. We are here to fulfill this purpose.
  • Are you looking to find out what your customers say about your brand and your competitors? Ask for a demo or a call back from our CX Consultant.