29 April 2022

Smart Lightings- Reasons Why You’ll Love it!

Forgetting to turn off the lights before leaving for the office? Or do you find yourself wondering if you have turned off the kitchen lights after when you are off to bed? Does it happen that often? Don’t worry it’s not you it’s your lights that cannot turn off themselves when you are not there. It sounds funny but fortunately true.

Did you know that you can turn off your lights with the help of your smartphone, without having to get out of bed? In this article, I will discuss some simple & practical reasons why smart lighting solutions are useful for you.

Smart lighting = Safety

Smart lighting is actually a smart way to make it look like you are home even when you are actually not home. For some people, this is the main reason for installing smart lighting. If this is your goal that you want to make it look realistic and you want to run your lights for a specific purpose or time then you go for it.

For example, when you go on a long trip you can set the timer of your lights to run for specific hours. The one message I received from a neighbor when I was on a trip to Singapore is “you guys are home & I thought you are in Singapore”.

Smart lights- Dim

One of the smartest features of smart lighting is that it has the ability to change the level of brightness. Like you want the light to have its full brightness when you are working and only a little dim light when you are sleeping or enjoying a romantic dinner, casually sitting in your room.

You can adjust its brightness simply by touching your smartphone.

Control your smart lights from anywhere

Smart lightings are convenient you don’t have to get up, come all the way just to turn it on. You can control these lights on your smartphone. Many times it happens that your hands are not vacant but it’s also very important to turn the lights on and many other cases when this happens. Smart lightings are a perfect way, it makes your light turn off when your tv is off which makes your life easier. You can adjust your schedule and timings as per your need.

Pick any color you like

Along with changing the brightness level, you can also change the color of the lights. But let me tell you one thing there is a difference between the smart bulb and smart switches and only smart bulbs have the ability to change their color. Ordinary bulbs lack the ability to change the color whereas with smart bulbs you can create scenes. Like in the morning you prefer a yellow tint and in the afternoon, you crave an orange light whereas at night you like a red one.

These are four reasons that we believe smart lighting is awesome.

Wait, I think I have got something more, some doubts keep lingering in your mind about smart lights.

Definitely, smart lights are easy to install

Some smart bulbs are basically plugged & play while others require a hub or smartphone. Smart switches require some mechanical assistances to fit - or an electrician. It’s an easy task for a skilled person and it shouldn’t take him long to install smart switches in the whole house.

It adds fun to your Home.

Smart switches offer you so many options – colors, combinations, schedules. It also just feels cool and smart to have these types of lights.

Smart lights can connect

It has the ability to connect to alarm clocks, smart locks, and different other smart gadgets. This way you can save your time & energy by making the combination you find most convenient.


Smart lightings are useful, practical, and fun simultaneously it is easy to install and safe to use. You can make your home safer, more comfortable, and more convenient. USAM has various other home automation devices that are the most popular choices and widely used by people. For more information, you can check out our website.